Prayer Resources for Families

The family is the original cell of social life. —CCC 2207

Prayer is an important part of Catholic families as it helps them grow in faith and come closer to God. As such, it is important for Catholic families to find the right resources to help them establish and sustain a successful prayer life. 

The following are some useful resources that can assist families in their prayer lives:

Did you know that Our Lady of the Valley has a subscription to FORMED?

Check out all that FORMED has to offer here.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a wonderful resource for family prayer life! 

Our friends over at Real+True are unlocking the Catechism for the modern world. 

Check out Real+True here

The Strong Catholic Family Faith website has been created to assist parish and school leaders in finding the best and most relevant content and experiences for developing faith-filled Catholic families.  All of these resources have been selected and reviewed by the Project Team and drawn from trusted sources.

Check out the Strong Catholic Family Here

The Messy Family has a variety of free resources available to help families pray and deeper encounter Jesus. 

Check out The Messy Family Project here


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