Do you feel stuck?  We have a new ministry that might help.


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Do you have patterns in your life that you seem unable to break?
Are you having trouble truly forgiving those who have hurt you?
Do you feel that experiences from the past are still effecting you?
Is there a habit, sin, or spiritual bondage that keeps you from the full
enjoyment and happiness which comes from God?
Do you feel like something is “missing” in your spiritual life or that you are not as connected to God or others as you would like?
For more information on Unbound, please email unbound@ourladyofthevalley.net 
What is UNBOUND Ministry?
The UNBOUND Ministry founded by Neal Lozano, is a national ministry of prayer and healing in which a trained prayer team (one prayer leader and one or two intercessors) prays with an individual to assist them in overcoming the spiritual obstacles they encounter in their path of Christian discipleship and take hold of greater freedom in Christ.
UNBOUND healing prayer is a biblically based prayer model that uses a safe, loving, and simple way to pray with people through their burdens to help them respond to the Good News of the Gospel and receive the Sacraments more fruitfully.
Who is it for?
It’s for anyone who would like more freedom in their life. Some examples of areas where UNBOUND prayer can be an effective help for individuals include:
  • Habitual sin
  • Marital/family tension/discord
  • Inability to forgive
  • Relationship struggles
  • Persistently negative view of God or self
  • Chronic fear, anger, anxiety, depression, or other burdens
  • Stalled spiritual life
  • Anywhere in your life where you feel “stuck” and desire greater freedom

What happens at a session?
A session is confidential and will be in one of the classrooms at OLV or on Zoom during business hours. During an UNBOUND prayer session, the prayer team leads the person through the Five Keys and guides him or her to a greater depth of freedom in Christ. The Five Keys offer an opportunity to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to heal past hurts and traumas and to lead one deeper into the freedom given to us by Christ at our Baptism. A session is usually 60-90 minutes.
What are the “Five Keys” of prayer?
Individuals who come for UNBOUND prayer share their personal story related to the area where they sense they need freedom and are led by the prayer Leader through a series of prayers based on the Five Keys of UNBOUND:
  • First Key: Repentance and Faith
  • Second Key: Forgiveness
  • Third Key: Renunciation
  • Fourth Key: Taking Authority
  • Fifth Key: The Father’s Blessing

Are the UNBOUND Leaders Trained?
Yes. The prayer Leaders have gone through one year of training accompanied by Fr. Gregg. 
Is this Confession or Counseling?
No. This is a prayer session. Most people only do one session.
Does anyone “lay hands” on me? No
Is it Catholic and do we have permission from the Archbishop and our Pastor?
Yes. This is a Catholic model and led by faithful Catholics. We have the express written permission from Archbishop Aquila and our pastor, Fr. Gregg. Find out more or set up a session by emailing:
You can also look at HeartoftheFather.com for their national website. UNBOUND is supported by Archbishop Aquila, Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Andrew Cuzzens, Fr. John Ricardo, Fr. John Horn,
Chris Steffanick, and many other faithful Catholic leaders.
“Unbound Ministry is a vital part of the new evangelization because, through a simple method of prayer based on the Gospel; it helps us help others in moving beyond their spiritual obstacles into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. This model of deliverance reflects the power of our baptism, which moves us from darkness into the kingdom of God. It promises to be a very fruitful tool in the hands of priests
and those involved in parish ministry.” Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.