Other Ministries

Funeral Committee

Coordinates donations of food and volunteers to assist in serving a meal after funeral services for family and friends in the parish hall. Please contact one of the following:
Sam Webb at 686-0832 or sammyjwebb@gmail.com
Bev Reule at 686-9008 or bc.reule@msn.com
Skip Tillman at 970.690.6790 or DBT96@msn.com


Prayer Chain

This ministry is open to anyone who has a willingness to pray for others and daily access to a computer. Prayer needs and concerns are listed for family and friends via e-mail. Sign up during the Stewardship drive in September. If you have a request for prayers, please e-mail the information to Ella Kaiser at
ella@ourladyofthevalley.net  or call 970.686.5084 ext. 108


Receptions Committee

A group that helps with specific functions throughout the year, which include but not limited to First Sacraments, Christmas, graduation and potluck events. Members organize the serving of food and beverages for the various events. Please contact Sam Webb at 686-0832 or sammyjwebb@gmail.com

Other Ministries