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“And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. Whoever’s sins you forgive are forgiven them. Whoever’s sins you retain are retained'”

John 20:22,23

Jesus Christ established this wonderful Sacrament of Mercy after his resurrection. Through the sacred power of Holy Orders, this same gift of Mercy is available to us through our Catholic Priests.

After baptism we still continue to sin, as we grow towards holiness in Christ.

Many of our sins are venial sins. They do not separate us from communion with God and communion with the Church. These can be forgiven in many ways outside the sacrament of Confession (simple prayer, act of contrition, act of love towards God, receiving the Eucharist…)

However, some Christians do sin in serious ways which cut themselves off from the saving grace of God and from communion with the Church, Christ’s Body and Bride. These are called mortal sins. For a sin to be mortal it must meet all 3 criteria as listed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1857:

-Object of sin is grave matter

-Committed with full knowledge

-and deliberate consent

If a person has committed a mortal sin they have separated themselves from God’s grace and from communion with the Church. They must repent and receive sacramental absolution (Confession) to be filled again with God’s sanctifying grace and reunited fully in communion with the Church.

“What if I forgot how to go to Confession or it’s been a long time”

If it’s been a while, don’t worry. Our priests today are very kind and loving. They will help you along. The important part is reconnecting with God. Our church has the option to go behind a screen or sit face-to-face with the priest. You choose whichever is most comfortable for you. Then…

Begin with the sign of the Cross and tell the priest (about) how long it has been.

Confess your sins that you came to be forgiven for (a few good methods are: Start with the big ones or go through chronologically since your last confession or use a guide such as the Ten Commandments. Basically, when did you not love God, others, and yourself?)

-Then the priest may give you some spiritual guidance.

The priest should give you a penance to do (something to get you back on the right track. It’s not to “make up for” you sin or “earn” your forgiveness. Christ forgives you by His grace, you don’t “earn it”). Penances are simple and small, often a prayer or good deed.

-Say your Act of Contrition. Don’t worry if you forget it. There are many to chose from or you can make one up using your own words. At OLV, we have copies of one in the Confessional for you to use. This is the time to simply tell God that you are sorry and you desire not to return to these sins.

-The priest gives you Absolution. With these sacred words, Jesus Christ Himself (through the priest) absolves you of all your big and little sins, all those you confessed and any you have forgotten. You now have a fresh start, a new beginning. Enjoy it! Come back to the sacrament whenever you need. You can never sin “too many times” for God’s grace.

-Do your penance and enjoy God’s love and grace in your life.


“The Lord has freed you from your sins, you may go in peace.”