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Keeping up with the Capital Campaign

June 2018
June 9th
This week’s construction pictures. They include: New gas griddles and range going in the kitchen . Fun KidZone space in the Nurseries . Dutch doors into and between the Nursery rooms . Parish Hall vinyl (LVT) floor is done! . Sidewalk and patio poured outside of new kitchen.
May 2018
May 28th

This week’s construction pictures include: New kitchen equipment has been delivered (not installed yet) . Parish Hall ceiling/lighting is done; now working on LVT flooring installation . RE reception desk . Partitions being installed in large classroom 108A/B

May 22nd
This week’s construction pictures: Walk-in cooler/refrigerator in the kitchen, Office Reception Desk, Office Copy room, Ceiling lighting in new Parish Hall
May 1st
This week’s construction pictures. They include: Both the carpeting and linoleum flooring have been installed in the offices . The tile flooring has been installed in the kitchen . The HVAC and plumbing for the offices are now operational · Some beautiful plumbing work (on the hot water heater) done by some true craftsmen plumbers . · All the doors have been hung in the offices
April 2018
April 19th
This week’s construction pictures. We have: Office ceiling and carpeting are in . Office reception area (almost) ready to welcome . Office staff conference room . Floor tiles being laid in the new kitchen . East office portico . Ceiling grid and lighting going into new classrooms.
April 12th
This week’s construction picture is iconic. This red steel cross used to be attached to the outside north face of our old church/parish hall building. We saved it, and now it is purposely displayed in a position of honor at the (north) end of the new classroom hallway. I figured this one picture was all we needed for this week. Old meets new…
April 4th
This week’s construction pictures. They include the following shots:
  • Aerial view of new shingles and HVAC units for the classroom wing
  • Electrical breaker panel for the parish hall and kitchen –LOTS of power!
  • Cabinets in the office copy room
  • Hard lid (drywall) in the parish hall ceiling; the rest will be drop ceiling
March 2018
March 30
Wall location for the stained glass in the Adoration Chapel. · Creating a ‘light box’ to channel the sunlight from the dormers in the old parish hall (now classrooms). This will fill the classroom hallway with natural sunlight. · The structure required to support the room divider in classroom 108A & 108B. · Let there be light…we now have lights installed and operating in the offices
March 16
This week’s construction pictures. They include: Framing the new classroom walls in the old parish hall . Drywall guy doing more tape & mud in the offices . Capturing the sunshine that comes in through the old parish hall dormers . Offices get first coat of paint on the walls and window/door frames.
March 12

Here are a couple of pictures from this week. The most dramatic is looking down the new classroom hallway. The framing is over 20’ tall! Then there’s a picture of the framing around the upstairs attic storage. Finally, a boiler heat exchanger that will provide heat to the offices. Hope you enjoy these.

March 4th

This week’s construction pictures: Classroom wall framing, Drone pics of the office/classroom roof dried-in, Nursery drop-off framing, Office entrance brickwork, HVAC ductwork in the offices, Insulation in the walls between the offices (for thermal & sound reasons), Structure to hold up the pieces of hard ceiling in the parish hall.

February 2018
Feb 27th
An assortment of behind-the-scenes construction pictures. We’ve labeled what each picture is as part of the filename so they should be self-explanatory.
Feb 14th

Not too exciting to look at, but it’s all about progress. The offices are the furthest along so they are already getting drywall in addition to window and door frames. The plumbing is also done in the office. And the final picture is the roof deck spray-on foam insulation in the Parish Hall.

January 2018
Jan 30th
Our construction drone showing the roof on the parish hall, the size of the classroom building (with outside walls), and the flat roof almost done on top of the office building. Lots of progress.
Jan 24th
The Parish Hall roof. All the trusses are in and they are in the process of sheathing it with plywood to close it in. Our framed walls from inside the offices. We’re definitely doing lots of framing/electrical/plumbing/HVAC work on the inside of the office building already, so it’s more than just what people can see from the outside.
Jan 11th
When roof trusses go, it’s really exciting. They are flying (with a crane) and installing the roof trusses on our new Parish Hall.
Jan 9th
The first picture is that of the OLV staff getting a chance to sign one of the steel beams before it went up in the Parish Hall. In addition, ALL of our structural steel beams are up. All of the walls have been framed and we’re starting to see ceiling joists and roof decking.

The first couple of pictures show we now have a roof over the new offices. The next pictures show we have our outside walls framed in the new parish hall.

December 2017
Dec 22nd
Construction pictures all taken from Fransen-Pittman’s drone. The first picture is “some assembly required” for parish hall walls, but the other two show substantial progress on the new office walls/structural steel/roof joists
Dec. 13th
We poured the parish hall floor slab AND the exterior walls for the new offices have been framed.
Dec. 4th
The office floor slab being poured this morning – our first floor! Next Friday, 12/8 we will be pouring the parish hall/kitchen/nursery floor. After that, one more floor (the classrooms) and then we start building up!
November 2017
Shown are the aerial (drone) views of the Parish Hall, the foundation for the new offices, and the guys drilling/pouring foundation caissons for the classrooms (we’re going to need 35 of these!)
Nov. 30th
– ALL the foundation walls being completed. Because these are drone pics, you can see the entire outline of each of the office and classroom buildings. This Friday we will pour the office floor slab and next Friday we pour the parish hall floor slab.

Nov. 17th

– All 35 caissons have been poured for the classroom wing. The foundation stem walls for the offices are complete and ready for backfill. Work has begun installing the underground plumbing in the kitchen and nurseries.
October 2017
The Foundation forms being installed!
October 2017
Aerial view of the construction. Our monthly drone flight by Fransen-Pittman that give a birds-eye-view of our construction.
September 2017
We have demolition! Demo of the river rock walls outside, the Knights room, Mary’s Cradle room, and the north end

of the parish hall.

August 2017
Fri Aug 25th at 3pm to Sat Aug 26th at 3pm, we will have parishioners praying for a blessing upon our building project and all of those who will benefit from it for many years to come. Come join us for this powerful prayer event.
Please check out this video from Fr. Gregg to get more details and sign up in the Narthex this weekend!
July 2017
WE DID IT!! $3,000,000 GOAL REACHED!! Thanks be to God and all of you! We obtained the goal that was set last September in hopes that we could break ground this summer. Please continue to pray that we will break ground very
soon. Our momentum is strong, let’s keep the faith that God’s blessings continue to pour out upon this project!!!
June 2017
WE ARE ON THE HOME STRETCH Thanks be to God, we are over the $2.9 million mark. Thank you all once again for your generosity! It is important for us to show our commitment to the Archdiocese by reaching the $3 million goal this month. We need to raise $75,000 in June and we can do it! For those who have yet to make a payment on your pledge, please consider doing so this month. We have been truly blessed by many parishioners who have paid pledges early and/or given an additional gift to ensure this project gets underway this year. Let us continue to pray for our benefactors, our building team, and the success of this campaign!!!
May 2017
CAPITAL CAMPAIGN AND BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE Praised be Jesus Christ! We surpassed $2.8 million this past week on our way to the goal of $3 million in June. Thank you to all who are making this possible, we are truly blessed by your generosity. The architect is completing the final drawings that will be submitted to the general contractor soon, in order to begin the bidding process with subcontractors to build our new classrooms/meeting spaces, hall and kitchen, offices, and nursery. Once the bidding is complete, we will know the actual cost and can take that number, along with our total of pledges and donations collected, to the Archdiocese for final approval. Please continue to pray for the success of the campaign and building process. Thank you!!!
April 2017
– The Next Phase of our Building Project is almost ready to begin! These new and improved facilities will
help us grow in faith and serve the community. We are so excited to have a bigger Hall (with a great new kitchen),
multiple Classrooms for adult and kids’ ministries, a large Youth Room, a Nursery, improved offices, and a beautiful Adoration Chapel. We plan to break ground this summer and be finished by next summer. Thank you to everyone who is making this possible!
March 2017
– Town Hall Meeting, Capital Campaign Update

Thank you very much for your continued generosity to our capital campaign for the building project. We are nearing the $2,000,000
goal which we hope to achieve by year end on our way to the $3,000,000 needed to break ground in June,2017. For those that committed to a one time gift or to accelerated giving on their initial pledge, this is just a friendly reminder for you. We know that the end of the year signals thoughts of tax deductions and we are so grateful that many of you keep the Church and our campaign in mind. May God bless you abundantly!