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“Will the Church ever accept me?”

“What if I want to get remarried?”

“What does it mean for my kids if I get an annulment?”

“What if we were married in the Church?”

“How long does it take?”

“Can I ever be forgiven?”


After the pain of a divorce, many Catholics ask themselves these questions and more. In the midst of so many changes, questions, and pain; ones’ relationship with God and the Church can be confusing.  In a time when one is most in need of God’s love, often a divorced person will turn away from the Church, sometimes out of fear, shame, or resentment.

But they can come home.

If you have been divorced (or remarried) please come and see a priest or deacon.

There is so much misinformation out there, you are worth coming in to find the truth.   Let us help you.


An annulment is the private process of the Church to see whether your marriage was binding or not.  Even if a wedding ceremony took place (even in a Catholic church), a binding, sacramental marriage may not have taken place.


You deserve kindness, compassion, and the truth.  Whether you were divorced 30 years ago or 30 days ago, come find healing in Christ through His Church.  
Contact Fr. Gregg @ 970-686-5084 x 101 or email
Kim Sauer @ 970-686-5084 x 109 or email: 
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