Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

“So you could not keep watch with me for one hour?”  Matthew 26:41  Please call to schedule your intimate holy hour with our Lord so He is never left alone. 
Adoration Chapel Use
“Exposition” (when the Eucharistic Host is visible in the
Monstrance on the Altar) occurs 3 times per week:
  • Mondays 10am-11pm
  • Tuesdays 10am-11pm
  • Wednesdays 8am-10pm

February 2020 – Help us fill these time slots: Can you help us fulfill our desire to offer Eucharistic Exposition on Thursdays?  Can you commit to ONE hour each week?
  • Thurs. at 3:00pm OR Thurs. at 6:00pm
We also need an additional person for each of the following hours::
  • Mondays at 12:00pm
  • Mondays at 2:00pm
  • Mondays at 3:00pm
Please contact the Parish office at 970.686.5084 to sign-up and receive your prox card.
Even during Exposition times, if you want to visit the
Adoration Chapel after 4:30pm (or anytime the office is
closed) you MUST have a prox card to open the door. Everyone is still welcome to use the
Adoration Chapel, even when Exposition is not happening. Jesus is always present in the Tabernacle.
 To get a Prox Card YOU must come to the office during business hours to receive your card and the training necessary. It only takes a few minutes. Whether you are signed up for a specific hour or not, the only way you can use the chapel after regular office hours is by using a Prox Card.
Questions? Call the office at 970-686-5084.